Break The Cycle of Stress

Learn how to break the cycle of stress by improving your resiliency, flexibility and control through effective coping skills.


1-Day Stress Retreat Available At Reduced Rate

Better Than Months Of Therapy

Most people just want relief, and many are forced to relive their stress over and over again through therapy or in daily life. If you want to break the cycle, you have to create new patterns. I specialize in quickly identifying the circles that trap people in their stress and then giving them tools to conquer it.

Are you feeling isolated and afraid? I can teach you coping skills during this difficult time and help you get your life back on a positive track.

High Blood Pressure

Our bodies get stuck over time in a fight-flight response and need to learn how to relax

Sleep Issues

Poor sleep leads to many health issues, and most people just need to learn how to turn off their busy brain

Work Stress

Work stress can actually help with performance if you know how to harness it effectively

Relationship Stress

Committed relationships are hard work and take skill. A Couples Retreat can help get you both on track.


Meditation can be a powerful tool to balance your mind and body, relieve stress and a NeuroMeditation Retreat can get you there faster

Feeling Misunderstood

Proper communication techniques can help alleviate and prevent stress in both work and home lives

Private 2-Day Stress Management Retreat

I work with one person at a time in my office in Danvers, Massachusetts. Each stress management retreat is a 2-day workshop from 10am until 3:30pm with a one-hour lunch break. Retreats are generally held on a Friday and Saturday.

NOTE: I am also offering a 1-day retreat right now due to COVID-19 concerns

What To Expect

While every person is unique, there is a universal formula to overcoming and managing stress.

On your retreat, we will utilize a brain map and targeted questions to assess the following areas:


We will explore stressors in your biology, psychology, social life, and sense of meaning or purpose and then prioritize which are most causing the most stress.


I will teach you tools to handle stress in each of the four domains and help you identify and overcome any barriers.


We will review progress throughout the retreat and clearly define how you can continue to improve on your own.

Break The Negative Cycles

If you break a circle anywhere, it is no longer a circle. My job is to identify the weak points in your negative cycles, and help you create a new positive pathway.

negative cycle
breaking the negative cycle
harmful cycle chart

Relaxation Expert

Dr David Helfand is a Psychologist with over 10 years of experience helping people learn how to overcome their stress. He uses his training in neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, and yoga to help people experience a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

From Happy Clients

Read how LifeWise has changed the lives of past clients.

"My husband and I got more done in 3 hours with Dr H than in several years of therapy with multiple therapists."
"After just one neurofeedback session my wife said I was a changed man. I was more pleasant, had more energy, and I slept great that night."
"I just wanted to say thanks for the good session today. It's great to have the practical exercise. Looking forward to using it."
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