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My goal when working with clients is to make to make you independent and successful without needing ongoing, professional support. In order to do this, I help you identify and correct the root cause of your issue as quickly and effectively as possible. That also means the more motivated you are, the more success you will have.

Efficiency and momentum. Attending weekly sessions for months is difficult when you have a busy schedule. Many clients have also said that by the time they start to feel the benefit, the session is over. A retreat allows you to keep the momentum going while being as efficient with your time as possible.

Private retreats allow you and/or your partner to take a deep dive into making positive changes. The retreat schedule is 10am to 3:30pm with a one hour lunch break. All retreats are 2 days and are usually on a Friday and Saturday.

All 2-day retreats are $3700 for an individual or couple not including travel expenses and meals. Additional services can be purchased as add ons based on your specific needs.

I am also offering 1-day Stress Management Retreats for $1850 to help families and individuals in this time of need.

No. Insurance companies significantly limit how services can be provided to clients, so I do not take insurance in order to provide the best possible care. This also allows clients the ability to keep their records private and not be labeled by a diagnosis code.

Sometimes. Due to federal laws, providing services to clients out of state is very tricky. If you are interested in remote support after your retreat, we can discuss those details based on your needs. Some clients find the retreat model most helpful, and shorter retreats are available as a follow up option.

Brief support via email is included in the retreat fee.

First, use the contact link below to discuss any other questions and request your preferred retreat date. You will then receive the initial paperwork and be asked to pay the deposit fee. Once the date is secured, you will receive a questionnaire about your goals and other related items.

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Please note that I return all calls and emails as soon as possible and usually Monday through Thursday from 10am until 4pm. Weekends are dedicated to retreats or spending time with my family. Thank you for understanding, and I look forward to helping you soon.