Stress, Meditation, and Relationship Coaching

Offering Individual and Couples' Retreats


If you are overwhelmed, it might be time for a Stress Management Retreat. Learn practical and lifelong tools to increase resiliency, decrease stress, and find peace in your life.


Most newlyweds and engaged couples want a lifetime of happiness together, but no one ever taught them how. Learn the skills you need to have a successful and happy marriage.


Discover a deeper sense of peace and mindfulness using advanced brainwave monitoring technology. Neurofeedback assisted meditation rapidly accelerates progress in a single session.


A private retreat is a great way to take a deeper dive into your goals and get a significant jump start. Think of it like a condensed 3 months of really good therapy or coaching. Retreats are 2 days, usually on a Friday and Saturday, and go from 10am until 3:30pm each day with one hour for lunch. During your retreat, we will work together on creating a plan to reach your goals and practice the steps together along your path. Many clients find that starting with an intensive experience is a great way to jump start the process, and then scheduling remote sessions helps to stay on track and connected for aftercare and support.

About Dr. Helfand

My name is Dr David Helfand, and many people call me Dr H. I am a relaxation and relationship coach in Danvers, Massachusetts. I have spent over 10 years teaching individuals and couples how to live a more peaceful and satisfying life.


"My husband and I got more done in 3 hours with Dr H than in several years of therapy with multiple therapists."


"After just one neurofeedback session my wife said I was a changed man. I was more pleasant, had more energy, and I slept great that night."


"I just wanted to say thanks for the good session today. It's great to have the practical exercise. Looking forward to using it."


"I can confidently say I feel like myself again. I am so thankful I have met Dr H.”


"I can’t say enough about Dr. Helfand. Every morning, I’d wonder how I could possibly get through another day. I was cranky. Ask my husband. Since working with you, I have seen such amazing improvement, and I even finished writing two novels! Dr. Helfand is kind and approachable, entirely professional, but with a ready sense of humor. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who wants to reclaim lost parts of themselves, or who just wants to be their best possible self. It’s amazing getting up every day and looking forward to life!"


"Thanks for all the help this past year. Our son really does seem to be doing better in school and at keeping his mind from cycling through worries."


“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing help you gave me. I’ve continued to manage my anxiety using skills you taught me, and I now work full time and I’m planning to go back to school. Before I saw you, I could barely leave my room, but now my life is completely different and I’m able to do pretty much anything I want to. I just wanted to thank you again for all the awesome help you gave me that I continue to use every day!”


It's all in your Head

That could be true, actually. Many people experience issues with their brain that impacts their quality of life. There is a fix though. A Brain Map (or qEEG) can identify where you brain needs support, and then neurofeedback can help strengthen it.