Retreats For Positive Change

I work with individuals, couples, and families to break the cycle of negative patterns, behaviors and communication by sharing the wisdom to create positive change and satisfying relationships.


All Retreats Offered In Person Or Via Live Video Chat

Private 2 Day Retreats

Learn skills to immediately improve your relationships, decrease stress, and enhance your life.

Couples Therapy Retreat

Build intimacy, connection, and communication to improve your relationship.

Stress Management Retreat

Learn how to break the cycle of stress by improving your resiliency and coping skills.

Meditation Retreat

Save years of practice and achieve a deeper state by combining meditation with neurofeedback.

Stop Going Round And Round

If you break a circle anywhere, it is no longer a circle.

My job is to identify the weak points in your negative cycles, and help you create a new positive pathway.

negative experience chart
positive experience chart
harmful cycle chart

Relationship & Relaxation Expert

My training in neuroscience, psychology, meditation, and yoga, allows me to quickly identify why people are caught in negative cycles and then teach them skills to create positive changes.

These skills are highly effective for individuals, couples, families, and larger organizations.

Experience Change Now

Get your relationship on track, or prevent future problems by learning practical, lifelong skills to improve your communication and build intimacy.

Be in control of your stress, stop feeling helpless, hopeless, or overwhelmed, and build your resilience and your ability to cope.

Discover a shortcut to learning meditation using advanced neuroscience and brainwave monitoring called neurofeedback.

From Happy Clients

"My husband and I got more done in 3 hours with Dr H than in several years of therapy with multiple therapists."
"After just one neurofeedback session my wife said I was a changed man. I was more pleasant, had more energy, and I slept great that night."
"I just wanted to say thanks for the good session today. It's great to have the practical exercise. Looking forward to using it."

Please note that some information from testimonials may have been changed to protect confidentiality.

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